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QuadroPix, LLC utilizes state of the art Cinestar 8 octocopters to provide aerial video and photography services to our customers.  Our approach is much closer to the subject than satellites or fly by from full size aircraft, and with our system you won’t have to rely on obsolete satellite imagery or pay expensive video and photo processing rates.

QuadroPix 2013 Aerial Showreel from QuadroPix, LLC on Vimeo.

QuadroPix Fort Worth TX from QuadroPix, LLC on Vimeo.


   While unmanned systems have been providing useful services for years, the advances in computing, battery power and materials are rapidly enabling the growth and capabilities of our multi-rotor camera platforms.  Our Cinestar 8 system will allow for greater mobility and be more cost-effective in video and photography services.  The fixed wing competitors can’t compare with our close up capabilities.  Our goal is to provide the highest quality photography and video imagery attainable using the latest technology in a cost-effective manner.

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